Daniel Seghers

Jan Both - An Italianate wooded landscape with travellers

Jan Both

Cornelis de Heem - Still life of roses, poppies, an iris and other flowers in a glass vase on a stone shelf, with a peeled orange and strawberries in Wanli dish

Cornelis de Heem

Salomon van Ruysdael - A wijdschip and other small Dutch vessels on an estuary, with a church in the distance

Salomon van Ruysdael

Willem Claesz Heda - A still life of a rummer of white wine, a lemon on a pewter plate, a knife and a glass of ale on a table covered with a dark green cloth

Willem Claesz Heda

Osias Beert The Elder - Flowers in a lacquer basket and in a glass vase

Osias Beert The Elder

Willem de Heusch - Italianate landscape with shepherds

Willem de Heusch

Balthasar van der Ast - A tulip, a carnation and roses, with shells and insects, on a ledge

Balthasar van der Ast

"Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os - Still life of a peony, poppies, an iris, a carnation, hollyhocks and other flowers in a vase, with fruit on a marble ledge in a vase, with fruit on a marble ledge"

Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os

Jean Baptiste Monnoyer - Flowers in a gilt urn with fruit on a ledge

Jean Baptiste Monnoyer

Edwaert Collier

Claude Joseph Vernet

Claude Joseph Vernet - A mountainous landscape with young women bathing in a river

Claude Joseph Vernet

Jan Davidsz de Heem

Jan Brueghel The Younger

Antoine Monnoyer - Still life of roses, hyacinths, orange blossom, narcissi and other flowers in a glass vase on a stone ledge

Antoine Monnoyer

Tobias Stranover - Exotic birds with fruit and a dog in a park landscape

Tobias Stranover

Joos de Momper The Younger - A winter landscape with travellers passing through a village

Joos de Momper The Younger

"Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy - Portrait of a man in black holding a pair of kid leather gloves Portrait of a lady in black holding a pair of kid leather and coral silk gloves"

Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy

Jan Fris - A still life with a stoneware jug, a glass of beer, playing cards and smokers’ requisites

Jan Fris

Jacob Isaacksz. van Ruisdael

Godfried Schalcken