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Two others have been there at the Museum MORE

Two others have been there at the Museum MORE

18 June 2019

Richard Green is delighted to lend Two others have been there (1992) by Euan Uglow to the Museum MORE, Gorssel, the largest museum of modern realism in the Netherlands, as part of their major retrospective, Euan Uglow: Painting Perception (26th May – 1st September 2019). For the first time outside of the UK, the summer exhibition at Museum MORE will be entirely devoted to the British, post-war artist Euan Uglow. A selection of approximately 60 nudes, portraits, still lifes, landscapes and 20 drawings will provide a unique insight into Uglow’s obsessive search for absolute perception.

Euan Uglow was one of the greatest figurative painters of the twentieth century, celebrated for his female nude and still life subjects. Two others have been there (1992), previously owned by the late David Bowie (1947-2016), is representative of Uglow’s unwavering commitment to the documentation of subjects from life. Uglow was a deliberate and meticulous painter who worked methodically to depict the state of his subject with brilliant honesty, as demonstrated in this work through the discoloured marks that stain the fruit’s skin, signalling its imminent decomposition. Uglow rendered his particular form of realism through an involved and distinctly gradual exploration of colour which, as shown in Two others have been there, floods the canvas and illuminates the warm, blood orange flesh of his subject.

On the notion of his extremely measured painterly process, Uglow stated: “[It is] a terrible commitment, I’m sure, but I can’t go any faster … [ Each painting has] got to sing better. Each bit of colour has to ring clearly.” (Euan Uglow)


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EUAN UGLOW | PAINTING PERCEPTION, 26th May – 1st September 2019

at the Museum MORE, Gorssel, The Netherlands

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