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London Art Fair


Wednesday 20th – Sunday 31st January 2021
(VIP Preview Monday 18th – Tuesday 19th January)

Richard Green will be showing a vibrant selection of works celebrating British Modernism and Post-War British art. They demonstrate how British artists assimilated international currents while forging their own unique vision.

Among our highlights is John Piper’s Forms on white ground, 1935. This painting pulsates with Piper’s excitement at his discovery of Abstraction. Visiting Paris in 1934, the artist became fired by the work of Piet Mondrian. Piper was also inspired by his friend Ben Nicholson’s shallow carved Abstract reliefs, literally the cutting edge of the avant garde. Forms on white ground is executed in oil and ripolin on canvas laid down on board. Parts of the canvas have been cut away with a razor and the gaps coloured, enhancing the impression of a relief.

The restrained beauty of William Scott’s Poem for a jug, No.19, 1980, metamorphoses the long European tradition of still-life painting into a serene meditation on everyday objects. The title derives from John Keats’s famous poem of 1819, Ode on a Grecian urn, which ends ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know’.

The love of nature and the vitality of urban life coexist as themes in British painting. Christopher Nevinson’s The apple orchard – the Bath Road, c.1926, is Romantic Modernism at its finest. The blossom-filled orchard expresses his delight in the renewing powers of nature after his service in the First World War, while the intricate patterns of the composition reflect his Modernist instincts.

William Roberts’s The drinking fountain, 1967, shows a family gathered round a fountain in Regent’s Park, near where Roberts lived. The chunky, interlocked figures, painted in colours that speak across the canvas, exude energy, affection and the sense of a Post-War society in harmony, deriving benefit from a source of water provided for all.

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For further information and images, please contact:
Tamara Green,
Richard Green Gallery

33 New Bond Street 
London W1S 2RS

+44 (0)7796 164006



London Art Fair


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